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Konst i Halland (Art in Halland) is a regional resource centre operated by Region Halland and Halland Art Museum.

Support and collaboration

We work with the development of sculpture and visual art in Halland in collaboration with artists and the municipalities of Halland, including politicians, officials, the business community and members of the public interested in art. Our resource centre offers courses and continuing education for various target groups. For children and youth, we highlight the possibilities of art and provide paths to creativity and contact with professional artists.

Expanding horizons

Our projects include artist residencies, art travel and international artist exchanges. We participate in regional, national and international networks. These interfaces keep us up-to-date on the contemporary art scene while creating opportunities for new partnerships.

Physical and interactive meeting places

To facilitate finding art in Halland, several regional artists are represented on our web portal konstihalland.se. There, you can also learn about current exhibitions, courses and art tours, and subscribe to our digital newsletter. If you are a working artist, you will find information about continuing education, publications and other resources that may be of professional assistance.

Halland Art Museum

Halland Art Museum is a hub for art and creativity in Halland.The museum has an extensive art collection, shows temporary exhibitions and offers programmes, courses and educational activities.

Artist Residencies

At Konst i Halland, we work with international artist exchanges through residence grants and a mobile residency programme. The Residence Grant is for Halland-based artists and is awarded annually. The grant gives artists the opportunity to work, make new contacts and find new exhibition opportunities. Through the Mobile Residency Programme we work with invited artists, from Sweden and other countries.