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The Art Express

The Art Museum of Halland County and Art in Halland has a mobile educational resource called the Art Express, which promotes partnerships and collaborations between children/young adults and professional cultural activities. The aim is to inspire and encourage creative and qualitative art projects.

Are you a teacher? Get in touch with the Art Express if/when you want help to design a artistic project at your school. We work together with you and tailor a program that will suit your needs. We can also match you up with ready-made programs with different themes and materials, all run by professional artists.

The Art Express will help you with new tips and ideas for new perspectives and angles. We link the projects to the national curriculum in order to establish crosssubject, more in-depth learning.

Feel free to click on the sub-headings and read about a few of the projects we have designed and implemented.

Are you interested in receiving some help from the Art Express or would you like to find out even more about any of the projects we have carried out?

Please contact Lotta Sandberg by email

Ylva Oknelid and Minna Svensson, self portrait
Jaget och laget – fotbollskultur i serieform (2020)