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Art in Halland

Art in Halland is a regional resource centre managed by Halland Art Museum (Hallands Konstmuseum) as assigned by and in collaboration with the ‘Region Halland’ authority. Art in Halland will;

The activity must contribute to realizing Region Halland’s cultural policy goals and the objectives and priorities stated in Halland’s cultural strategy and cultural plan 2021-2024. The overall vision and guiding star for the work is Halland – the best place to live in 2035.

Support and cooperation

Recurring dialogues with visual artists, civil servants and civil society shape the orientation. A central part of the assignment is to coordinate and run networks in the image and form field, which include regional and municipal cultural institutions in Halland, units for public art and art pedagogy. Together, we work to strengthen Halland as an attractive region of art.

Broadened horizons

At Art in Halland, we work with national and international exchange programmes through grants and Artist in Residence.

The residency scholarships are aimed at visual artists with a connection to Halland and there is an annual application process. The purpose of these grants is to give the artists an opportunity to focus on their work, but also to widen their network of contacts and find new potential exhibition venues.

Through the Artist in Residence program, visual artists are invited to Halland, both from Sweden and other countries. The programs are located in different places, tailored based on the artist’s focus and take place in collaboration with, among others, municipalities, cultural institutions and associations.

Art in Halland networks on a regional, national and international basis. Through these different contacts, we stay up-to-date with the evolution of contemporary art and also create possibilities for new partnerships and ventures.

Knowledge promotion

The resource centre organises courses and further education for different target groups, including visual artists in the region. We are keen to highlight the opportunities and possibilities with art to the children and youngsters and give them the right to build up their own creativity and establish contact with professional artists.

Physical and interactive platforms

In order to find the art in Halland, many of the region’s artists are represented on our website You can also find information on current exhibitions, courses and temporary art venues. If you work as an artist, there are training programs listed as well as grant applications, courses and other info that might simplify or aid your working life. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our newsletter (only in Swedish).
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Halland Art Museum

Halland Art Museum functions very much like a hub for all things related to art in our county. The museum boasts an extensive collection, organises temporary exhibitions and offers programmes, courses or other educational activities.
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Region Halland

Region Halland works with culture in a number of different areas. The mission in the field of image and form includes visual art, architecture, photography, sculpture, form and design, but also various cross-border expressions where contemporary art often finds itself.

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